Our Program

Keeping It In Perspective

Keeping it in perspective is, quite possibly, the most important element in the business of raising beef. There is always debate about the most effective strategies to use when breeding seedstock. Tools such as phenotypic evaluation, live animal and carcass data collection, genomic testing, and EPDs and indexes can be used to produce improved seedstock. While we can debate the merits of each of these tools, Maplecrest Farms uses ALL the tools available to produce relevant Angus and Sim-Angus genetics that balance calving ease, growth, maternal, and carcass traits in a phenotypically correct package.

Fresh Perspective

We are a family operation in every sense of the word. Our two daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, and their husbands, Adam and Will, provide a fresh perspective at Maplecrest Farms. We believe their perspective is integral to building a competitive and longstanding seedstock herd. The operation has always served as a life teaching center, providing daily challenges and responsibilities. Their youth and enthusiasm is contagious and makes us even more excited for the future of Maplecrest Farms.

Angus & Sim-Angus Offerings

Each year, we sell an exclusive offering of performance Maplecrest females in our annual production sale, held the fourth Saturday in September. We also showcase our show heifers and embryos twice a year through online sales in early April and early October. These genetics are nationally competitive stock that can make an impact in any operation.

We market our bulls by matching their strengths to our customers’ appropriate markets. Different parts of the country emphasize different traits and we work diligently to meet our customers’ needs, regardless of geographic location or environment. By serving as an Allied Producer for Gardiner Angus Ranch, we are able to market many of our bulls through Gardiner’s four sales each year. We also offer bulls to our clientele closer to home at our annual spring bull sale in late March.