Business Practices


The goal, at Maplecrest Farms, is to combine excellent phenotype with superior EPDs in the same package. We believe the genetics we use give us the best possible opportunity to produce structurally correct, eye-appealing cattle who grow efficiently, yield carcasses which fit a value-added marketing system, and still retain maternal superiority, making the Angus female the standard by which all are compared.

We believe it is important to use the data and technology available through the American Angus Association when comparing animals within a given population. Current DNA technology allows us to identify superior genetics as well as genetic defects and use this information within the guidelines established by the American Angus Association to continue to make progress within our herd as well as the Angus breed.

We are not afraid to utilize different bloodlines to take us to the next level. However, we will not use outdated or substandard genetics out of fear or uncertainty. We cannot retain the confidence of our customers by compromising our program.

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Our emphasis can be stated quite simply. Whether we are selling cattle in Ohio, Kansas or points in between, our goal is to produce the best seedstock possible in those respective areas. We strongly believe in the “team” concept and that “it takes a village” to build a successful program. Being an Allied Producer helps us accomplish these common goals. Producing high-accuracy, value-added seedstock backed by science, technology and best practice management, which will insure demand for years to come. This operation is committed to earning our customers’ loyalty through science-based, market-driven programs designed to meet the needs of consumers around the world.

Maplecrest Farms is a Gardiner Angus Ranch Allied Producer. Being an Allied Producer simply allows us to broaden our footprint and market area, while striving to aggressively use the data to implement new and better programs, offer more services, and continue producing superior Angus genetics.